I’d love to talk about your project on the phone. This gives you a chance to hear about my approach to design, qualifications, and how I might be able to help. It also lets me hear about your goals and what you are looking to achieve with your yard. I welcome questions about my processes and I always do my best to tailor my services so that you get the results you are after while keeping design costs to a minimum.

A standard design project looks something like this…

First site visit:

We meet and walk your property together and talk about what you like and what you want to improve. I ask questions, make comments on what I see, and listen to your feedback. Through our conversations and observations, we start forming project goals and begin steering the design. This is a great time to share photographs or drawings of yards, styles, and plants that you like if you have them.

Site analysis:

I will take measurements and make notes on existing site conditions such as obstructions, neighboring views, and microclimates. All of this data is used to build a sitemap that reflects a scaled version your yard from a design project standpoint. I may also perform drainage tests, soil tests, and in some cases take soil samples home with me for testing. At my office, I will build upon the site map by utilizing software tools to get accurate sun and shade patterns as they fall on your yard and home. I will also perform any soil tests myself or send the samples off to a lab for detailed analyses.

Concept development:

Once the sitemap is complete, I will begin drafting one or more concepts that meet the goals and objectives that we discussed. These are usually hand drawn in plan view with color. Some section or planometric views may be drafted to convey some information design areas. I will also pull together photographs of materials that I have in mind for wood, stone, and plants that fit the design.

Client review:

We will meet to review the concepts together and discuss materials. With your input input we will work toward a final design. When multiple concepts are being considered it is common to pull some ideas from each and build a final design document based on the best parts of each initial concept.

Design documents:

After our second meeting I will begin to draft the final design documents based upon the concepts we reviewed together. These documents usually include the design plan, a planting plan, irrigation and maintenance notes. These documents will be hand drawn in plain pencil or written text / PDF when appropriate.

Moving forward:

Additional design services include contractor and bid selection, material acquisition (including pots, plants, and stone), plant layout, construction observation and maintenance.