I do my best to tailor my services to meet the needs of each individual client. Most projects involve a site visit, site analysis, concept development, client review, and delivery of the final design documents.


I can help you sort out design ideas on site. I have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of fine gardening including proper pruning techniques, building soil health, plant management, pests and diseases, irrigation, and organic methods. I can also advise on grading, drainage, water retention, lighting, and current construction practices.

East Bay Landscape Design Sustainable Bee


When designing for clients,  I always ask specific questions about maintenance first.  The most beautifully designed and planted gardens can fall apart after a year or two if maintenance isn’t performed correctly or at the right time.  I address maintenance for all of the gardens that I design in the following forms: Performing the maintenance … Continue reading Maintain


I enjoy designing and building small projects like fountains, containers, trellises, arbors, and gates.  Custom work on just one or two elements can turn necessary structures into artwork or resonate with your existing architecture to bring more beauty to your garden and home.