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small projects



Design usually starts with a consultation so that I can get a good sense of what you want to achieve with your yard. I will take photographs, measurements of your property, soil samples, and notes from our discussion home with me and begin drafting concepts that meet your goals and objectives that we discussed. With your input we will work toward a final design document that is tailored to your needs and personal style. The result is a construction plan that you will be able to hand off to your contractor for installation.

Additional design services include contractor and bid selection, plant acquisition, plant layout, irrigation design, soil recommendations and management, site visits, construction observation and maintenance plans.


I charge a reasonable hourly rate to walk your property with you and talk about your landscape, discuss any concerns you have, and make suggestions. Sometimes clients want me to advise on maintenance, the value of certain plants, how they can better address portions of their yard, or diagnose sick trees and plants.

Garden Stewardship and Maintenance

As a steward of your garden I can check in three or four times a year to remove / add plants in the spring and fall, prune, deadhead, and cut back in the summer and winter, help instruct you or your garden laborer(s) how to better manage your garden and care appropriately for each species, and make necessary irrigation adjustments or recommendations. I can also help assess what your yard needs and make good recommendations for laborers that can meet your weekly maintenance goals.

I charge an hourly rate for fine gardening including, hand pruning, managing perennials, natives, vegetables, annuals, and small trees. I pride myself in utilizing practices that are good for the long term health of your plants, your soil and our planet. I practice integrated soil and pest management, and plant diagnostics.  These techniques allow for less chemicals to be used in your yard and will help keep your garden in excellent health.

Small Projects

I love working on small projects like  fountains, containers, trellises, arbors, and gates. Custom work on a couple elements can turn necessary structures into artwork that can bring life and beauty to your garden. And there are always troublesome spots under trees, in narrow spaces, and the west sides of houses that are in morning shade and intense afternoon sun. I can supply you with great recommendations and plants that will work.