California native backyard — South Livermore, CA

California natives like manzanita, ceanothus, deer grass, lilac verbena, and yarrow soften the slope and provide year round interest.
Leftover stones from the drystack wall were used to create natural groupings on top of the hill to provide extra drainage for sensitive species.
Containers were placed at the back of planting beds to provide visual impact and lessen water seepage near the foundation of the home.
East Bay Landscape Design Livermore Difficult Spot
This shady backyard spot off of the main patio features evergreen shade loving perennials and a rain chain fountain.




  Kitchen and cutting gardens — North Livermore, CA

Drought tolerant perennial border in Livermore CA
A drought tolerant perennial border doesn’t have to look dry. Well chosen perennials and watering methods can provide a very lush look with low water usage.
Low raised beds provide insulation from the heat. For watering, separate valves and quick release fittings were placed on each bed so irrigation patterns can be easily reconfigured.
15 different varieties of tomatoes were grown for this client and over 100 quarts of sauce were canned.
Organic Bulls Heart tomatoes reached over 7 feet tall and were supported with concrete wire cages and twine for an easy and sturdy trellising system.
Drought tolerant flowers attract beneficials and provide cut flowers for the owner from spring through fall.
Since the owner stopped spraying for pests, western fence lizards began to move in and nest in the irrigation boxes.


Tropical woodland — Before and After — San Jose, CA