Planting Design: 3 Ways to Create Interest in Long and Narrow Spaces (part 1)

I’m not exactly sure what the formula is for a long and narrow space… probably something like 1 part depth to 7 parts length. But, it’s obvious when we encounter one (often along driveways, walkways, patios, and fences, median strips, and house walls). We feel restricted and start wishing someone had made the space justContinue reading “Planting Design: 3 Ways to Create Interest in Long and Narrow Spaces (part 1)”

10 Beautiful foolproof plants for hot dry sites

When thinking about great plants for hot sites some of the things I look for are irrigation forgiveness, adaptability to soils, and especially, plants that can take scorching, full sun interior heat in stride. All of the plants listed here I have grown and had easy success with in my gardens and those of clients.Continue reading “10 Beautiful foolproof plants for hot dry sites”

Growing CA Natives on Residential Sites

Before converting a long hillside in my backyard to native plants, I excitedly researched and ultimately followed the main stream advice I was given… even though it didn’t feel right.  I then believed that you should not have to amend or add to your existing soil when planting natives.  Instead, plant species that are suited for yourContinue reading “Growing CA Natives on Residential Sites”

Landscape contractors: 5 things to look out for

If you are looking to hire a landscape contractor, or other laborers to perform work on your property I have a short list of things that are commonly overlooked.  I think these things are essential to anyone having work performed,  but it seems these things happen again and again from my observation. I would recommend that when you areContinue reading “Landscape contractors: 5 things to look out for”