east-bay-landscape-design-jennifer-kateJennifer Kate Brand

I’ve been gardening all my life and grew up on a homestead farm just outside of Auburn, CA. My parents were master gardeners and since I could walk, I followed them around learning as I ate. I am a trained horticulturist and landscape designer.  Currently, I am working on my degree in Landscape Architecture at Merritt College in Oakland. I enjoy creating gardens that are beautiful but require little input to keep looking their best. I give careful thought to the type and placement of hardscapes, the geography of the site and proper management of the soil and existing trees. I specialize in utilizing California natives and Mediterranean plants suited for our region.

Sustainable Landscapes

There is a momentum building toward the establishment of residential landscapes that are tailored to local climates, water budgets, and reducing fertilizer and pesticide run-off. As our population increases, it will only become more important. The success of the movement toward sustainable landscapes involves industry professionals adopting responsible practices and it also requires homeowners to re-imagine the traditional home landscape. Instead of picturing yards of green lawn and hedges, we should be embracing what we have. California is an incredible place to live. We have one of the best climates for living and growing in the world; our yards should reflect this and relate to our homeland.